DC Friends

A year ago I was saying goodbye to some of these amazing people and so many more! I sure miss you DC people.

Grabbed lunch on the top of the building my roommate Whitney worked at.  Always great catching up with her!

Ken and I became instant friends when we both lived in Maryland.
My roommate Mary and her friend Eric, Steve's brother.

Steve and I have been friends since the BYU days.  Clearly I couldn't stop laughing at his jokes.

Jeff and I have known each other since our Stockdale days.  He's a fancy computer guy now in DC.
Haylee was Karli's roommate and such a fun person with a great sense of humor, as you can tell from the pic below.  

Kat is another roommate of Karli's who is so thoughtful.
And of course, you all know Haley who is super amazing herself.

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