NY Canon pics

Pictures I took on my Canon SLR this summer in New York. Many more to come.
Clearly these pictures were taken in Chelsea at the Chelsea Market.  It was my first time there and it was much smaller than I had imagined.  I enjoyed it, but expected more out of it after all of the hype.
The inside...it was cute and quaint.  There was an Anthro amongst other stores and some restaurants and a few other cool places.
The little spice market made me feel like I was in the Middle East.
Highline Park is one of my favorite places in NYC. It's a park converted from an old railroad track and is just the perfect little hipster place to take a relaxing walk.  Food, flowers, water, views, people watching...everything you need for a great afternoon.

The views from the park are amazing, as you can see below.  

A couple of interesting buildings I spotted below.

Only in New York would you need parking like this....
The prettiest CVS pharmacy I ever did see.
Walked near the Standard Hotel, but didn't go up this time.  The waitresses outfit on the left though was sure interesting.  
New York signage

Encountered quite the parade near Central Park.  It was a lot of people from a South American country celebrating/protesting - I couldn't tell the difference, but it was loud and packed and made it difficult to get to where I needed to be since so many streets were blocked off.
I later made my way over to Brooklyn Heights Promenade and loved it!! I've been wanting to go here forever and was thrilled I finally made it. It's so romantic and just lovely.  I highly recommend coming with plenty of time to walk around and just sit and enjoy the view.
You'll find the most beautiful view of the NYC skyline.   I'm sure it's especially pretty at night.
You can even see Lady Liberty herself.
Had to get some ice cream from the famous Brooklyn Ice Cream Factory.  Twas good.
The famous Brooklyn Bridge.

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February 12, 2014 at 2:12 PM

lauren, great pictures! i love the chelsea area and highlike park as well! i think if i could live anywhere in nyc, i'd pick that area. SO charming.

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