26th Birthday

A bit over 3 months ago (yes, as we all know I'm clearly very behind on my blogging) I celebrated my 26th birthday and it was lovely.  I really can't believe I'm 26 now.  When people ask how old I am I always start to say 24 or 25 before I realize, daaaang I'm 26 now.  25 was a good year, but I hope 26 will be better.  I didn't imagine my life at 26 would look the way it does now, but I suppose the way we envision life is never how it really turns out.  Some things for the worse, others for the better, but hopefully always for our best in the end.

A birthday is not complete without some of the best cookies in the world.  No matter where I am Mom always sends these to me and they make my birthday complete :)
 My birthday was on a Tuesday, so I had to work and most of the day was fairly normal except for the major increase in texts and Facebook posts I received.  That evening Mom and I went and had a delicious Thai dinner.  Mom told the server that it was my birthday and he asked if I would like free dessert or a gift certificate.  I went with the certificate and I'm sure glad because it was for $20! Happy birthday to me!
Also, two of my best friends, Brandon and Erin, sent me adorable birthday packages.  I can't even express how much they meant to me.  
   We had a family dinner a few days later to celebrate our family's fall birthdays and that was a lot of fun to all be together. 
Pomegranates from Grandpa's tree and Grandma's world famous shrimp salad - my absolute favorite foods! 
 Here I am opening a giant quilt from Anthropologie that I had really been wanting.  I absolutely love it.  I need to post a picture of it on my bed.  
  I don't remember what I wished for exactly, but I think it was probably a dual wish of hoping to travel overseas again while I'm 26 and just simply that I will have happiness throughout the year.
 Had a dinner celebration with Dad and Paula one evening at the country club where we ate some delicious pasta and wonderful dessert.  I love birthday week where I get to celebrate it so many times with so many people I love.  Last year I was away from all of my family so it was nice to spend it with them this year. 
I'm not really into horoscopes, but Mom showed me my horoscope just for fun so we'll see if this comes true this year.
Oh 26, I wonder what it's store.  This is the age my Mom was when she had me which is a weird thought.  I'm trying to imagine what it would be like to be married and expecting my first child right now.  I don't feel grown up enough for that, but I'm not sure I eve really will.  Hopefully though, in the next few years I'll get to that stage.

As I reflect back on the past year I realize how much happened.  I celebrated my 25th birthday in Spain, continued traveling around Europe, went to the Bahamas, Hawaii and the Holy Land.  I was also in my first car accident, Jake passed away, struggled to know what direction to take my life, moved back home from DC, and started my new job at Oxy.  What a year.  So far my 26th year has been much calmer and that's quite a welcome change.

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January 21, 2014 at 3:22 PM

I loved your updates!!! I'm so behind on blogging, too!! LOL.

If you ever decide to make your blog "private", I hope you let me follow it still!!!

So glad you had a wonderful birthday and so happy to see you were spoiled with lots of love and presents! Woo hoo!! Birthdays are the best...even if I'm in denial about getting older.

Miss you tons! Let's catch up soon...and meet up somewhere!!


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