One of my greatest happinesses in life is picking fresh fruit, especially from my own yard.  In this case, it wasn't exactly my yard, but Grandma and Grandpa's.  Nonetheless, the happiness was the same.  This fall they had a Fair-time peach tree that were loaded with peaches.  Their soil must have steroids in it because this tree was absolutely overflowing with peaches.  Mom and I pulled out the ladder and took turns picking while handing down the baskets full of peaches to Grandma who sorted them.  
 Mom and Grandma were worried that I had dressed too nicely to pick peaches so they got my one of "Grandpa's old shirts" for me to wear while working.  Turns out his "old" shirt is actually a crisp, beautiful Ralph Lauren.  So I ended up putting on his "old" shirt (that was nicer than my original shirt) while picking.  Go figure!

  I think the coloring of peaches is my favorite color combination ever.  Warm and sunset-y.  
    Us posing with Grandpa near his pomegranate tree.  Yum!

 We took those peaches and made a delicious peach crisp (thanks to Paula for the topping recipe!) and a fresh peach pie.  Both were incredibly delicious.  Oh my goodness, why can't peach season by year-round! 

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