An Assortment of DC Pictures

Fun times on the metro!
 Everyone loves to hate on their city's public transportation, but after riding it daily I can certainly say that I very much like DC's metro system.  It's far from perfect, but it always feels clean and efficient in comparison to other metro systems around the country and world.  There are never any rats or bugs running around, the cars look well-kept and fairly new, the seats sit forward like an actual train, people for the most part look professional and comely (although the green line can be a different story), there is always an electronic board to tell you the time of the next train and there are no performers bombarding you with their music or performances as you travel (I'm looking at you New York).   
Some random DC City pictures.

In front of the home I lived in in Virginia and the church I went to down the street.  Yes, it is a converted office building - so strange looking for a church.
This is a picture of the Pentagon City Mall, just a mile away from my home.  So spoiled to have such a gorgeous mall with Nordstrom just minutes away.
Speaking of my home - when I arrived in Virginia for this final trip I stayed in our spare guest bedroom the first few nights and this nasty creature was there waiting to greet me on my bed.  It was the largest, nastiest cockroach.  That is one downside to living in such a green area - bugs abound!
Because I'm weird and take pictures of squirrels, here's a squirrel who appears to be sneezing and covering his nose.
We spent some time in Georgetown which is always lovely.  The numerous shops, restaurants and brick lined streets are just the cutest.  While we were exploring, Steph and Mom commented on how many people were out walking around and wondered if it was always so crowded.  I had to stop and think about it for a moment, because after living in a big city for so long I no longer even noticed it.  Lots of people bustling around doesn't even phase me, but I suppose there were quite a few people out there doing the same things as us.  Being with people not used to DC helped me realize things that I had become accustomed to, like constantly crowded streets.  Also, Mom and I were dying over that antique Union Jack flag.  Too bad it was $5,000.  Those three zeros were no accident.  
There's a nice big, two-story Sephora on M Street in Georgetown that we had fun playing in for about half an hour.  Steph brought out her inner goth with the black lipstick she found haha.
While we were walking down M Street we passed a little homeless man who said, "It's me, Val Jean!"  We took a few more steps forward before what he said processed in our minds simultaneously. We turned to look at each other to confirm if we heard correctly then turned back to him.  Well, he sure said the right words to the right people that day because we most certainly gave him some lunch money.  We love Les Mis and thought it was a hilarious tactic to get people to give him money.  In talking to him it was apparent he was actually a quite educated man and we were glad we had the chance to visit with him for a moment.
Moving North from Georgetown, here we are at at 2Amys.
The Lauren...what a great name :)
And my name again!
Being a true DC girl with my green smoothie and Whole Foods bag walking to the metro in Foggy Bottom.
Oh how I miss the lush greenery everywhere!
I found an awesome deal for a hotel on Penn Ave called The Melrose in Foggy Bottom on Expedia.  We stayed there and were very happy with it because it was in a great location, very cute inside and extremely affordable for DC.

Random story about Mom - we were sitting each Chopt, when a postman walks in to deliver mail and stops by Mom and I and says, "Young girls look good, but mature look better." hahaha.  Oh man, men just love Mom!  I swear this happens every place we go.
One activity Mom and Steph enjoyed was going to Gravely Park and watching the planes land at Reagan.  I'm so glad they enjoyed it because that was one of my favorite things to do in DC.  I always stopped and watched when I was out on a run.
Speaking of airplanes here are some pics of us Reagan National Airport.
Who doesn't love some live music while they wait for their flight.
GW Parkway. I think it's one of the prettiest drives in DC. It's worth pulling over at the viewpoints to look over the water.

Mom and Steph saw their first fireflies!  They were so excited.  Here's Mom trying to catch one (you can see it flying up by her clavicle).
Oh hai.  Steph has a lot of green in her eyes if you look closely, which is why I took this picture haha.
The apartments in Dupont were looking so bright and lovely this particular day.
Mom and I will always remember Dupont as the roundabout of death that we went through when I first moved here.  We were coming down New Hampshire and ended up in this never ending traffic circle where it somehow trapped in the middle, cars honked at you and swirled around you at alarming rates.
And near Dupont apparently there is a "Very Special Art Gallery."  haha, who named that?

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