VooDoo Doughnuts

I'd been hearing a lot about VooDoo Doughnuts on the internet and from friends so after I landed in Portland Dad and Paula took me straight to VooDoo.  I wasn't expecting a half an hour long line since it wasn't exactly new anymore, but I guess it's the same sort of interest that keeps people standing in line for Georgetown Cupcakes as well.

The building was very eclectic and interesting - lots of personality in there.

We ordered a VooDoo dozen and had all sorts of interesting donuts.  Below you'll see a grape flavored donut, voodoo doll, and blunt (or as well called it, doobie donut) amongst others.

Their bacon maple donut didn't look very appetizing, so the next morning I created my own with fresh bacon. I can see why people like it after trying it - the salty/sugar combo is good, but at the same time I probably won't be making another one anytime soon.
As far as taste goes, I think the donuts were very average.  However, the shop and the flavors are very unique and interesting so I think it's worth going to at least once.

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