The Old Post Office

I love The Old Post Office in DC.  I went here for the first time not too long ago and you can read about that visit here.  It's easy to access from the mall, free and provides a wonderful view of the city and surrounding areas.  What's not to love about that.  I took Mom and Stephanie here when they visited and we went on one of the most clear days they've had in a long time which meant we could see things off in the distance that aren't normally visible.  We were even able to catch a small glimpse of the temple which was neat. 
Love the views of the Capitol.  A bit of a challenge to focus my camera in a way that doesn't show the bars (you can still slightly see them).
The White House hiding behind the Treasury.
The Lincoln Memorial.
Mom and I at the top.
The National Cathedral with construction (thanks a lot earthquake).
I love all of the cute rooftop terraces in the area.

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