The Mall

When you hear someone in DC talk about "The Mall" they do not mean a shopping mall.  They mean the National Mall.  It's a long outdoor rectangle of monuments, museums and grassy areas in the heart of DC.  On one end you have the US Capitol and on the other is the Lincoln Memorial.  In the middle is the Washington Monument and the Smithsonian museums (there is not just one museum, there are several Smithsonian museums).  Right off the mall is the White House and further down the Tidal Basin where the Cherry Blossoms bloom.  So if you only have one day in DC and want to see as much as possible, then The Mall is where you want to be.

Mom, S and I explored the mall on foot and then later took a bikeride through it which was a lot of fun.  (Capital Bikeshare is a great for renting bikes and very convenient, but we really enjoyed using BikeAndRoll because the bikes were less heavy and less expensive for a longer period of time).

Here's Mom and Steph outside of the Smithsonian Castle.  This is the information center for all of the Smithsonians and one of the most beautiful buildings on the mall.
Here we are inside the National History Museum.  I absolutely recommend going to this museum - it's got all of the animals, dinosaurs and jewelry.  You will totally feel like a little kid going on the most awesome field trip here.
See Steph in the bottom left picture with Mom?  That whale is so monstrous it's hard to notice anything else in the picture.  And on the right I'm standing with a picture of a poison arrow tree frog (one of my secret favorite animals).  I did a report on them in 6th grade and have loved them ever since.

The world famous Hope Diamond!
Lots of beautiful rocks that Grandpa would surely appreciate.
This is the view we had as we biked down the mall away from the Lincoln.  It was so perfectly lovely.
Steph and I stood no chance of losing each other in our neon color choices.
Here is the Korean War Veterans Memorial which is special to us since our Grandpa served in the Korean War.
Below is the Vietnam War Memorial.  
The bronze soldiers at the Vietnam Memorial were pretty cool.  While we were standing and admiring the statue we heard a Grandpa telling his young son about the guns and bullets they were wearing and how he used the same kinds of weapons when he served in the war.  It was sweet to see them share that moment together.
Mom stopping to probably feed the ducks on our bikeride around the Tidal Basin.
Below in the World War 2 Memorial.
It's really pretty, especially lit up at night.

Next up is the National Museum of American History which is also one of my favorite Smithsonians and is a must when you visit DC.  Below are dresses that the first ladies wore to the inauguration balls.  The cream dress is Michelle Obama's and the red is Laura Bush's, but I can't remember who wore that darker dress - probably Hilary Clinton.
You can see Dorothy's shoes and a sun stone from the Nauvoo Temple.
Kermit is there and also a display of original iPods that will make you feel so old!!!  It is too soon to be putting these in a museum for goodness sakes.
Mom also got the memo about wearing a brightly colored shirt!  Haha, such a random coincidence.  
Seriously, bike the mall. It is so fun!  Your feet will hurt way too much if you try to walk it all.
Hi Washington Monument under construction.  Hi White House!  
Me taking a picture while biking of Mom and Steph behind me.  
DC Mall, you are one of my favorite places!

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November 9, 2017 at 10:27 PM

That looks a nice place. Thanks for sharing! Anyway, you should also try to visit Market Market. I'm sure you'll love it too.

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