This summer Stephanie and I went to Oregon for a few days to hang out with Dad, Paula and the rest of the family (Paula's daughter Cheryl and her husband and kids live in Portland).  Dad and Paula have a place near Lake Detroit that I had never been to before this trip so I was really excited to go up and see it.

Driving into Portland.  We had gorgeous weather.  The city was lovely and not huge or chaotic at all.

Gotta love all the greenery in Oregon.
Here is Dad and Paula's place by the lake.

  Steph was such an angel to always play ping-pong with the kids.  She put up a much better competition than I did.

We roasted s'mores one night and Steph managed to get marshmallow all over her face hahaha.
Kylie and I taking pictures together on my phone.

Steph and I had a moment of silliness in the forest by the house as you can tell...

We stopped by the Oregon temple and it is still just lovely as I remembered from our last visit.  The grounds were closed for maintenance, but we still got a nice view from outside the gate.  The beautiful neighborhood it's surrounded by is another bonus.
Oregon cracks me up with how "green" they are about everything.  I think it's great for the most part, but it's just so different from what I'm used to.
They have Potbelly's in Portland!!  Hadn't had one of their shakes and sandwiches since DC.  So glad to see they're making their way to the West Coast now.  Also, below you'll see a gas attendant pumping gas for someone - you're not allowed to pump your own gas in Oregon.  Still can't figure that one out.
The clouds looked like a blanket over the city as I flew away.  
I had a layover in San Fran and it was really cool to see the Golden Gate Bridge from the plane!
If it didn't rain so much in Oregon in the winter months I think this would be an awesome place to live. I really, really enjoyed my time there and am looking forward to my next visit.  More posts to come!

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