Old Town Alexandria

I was really excited to take Mom and Steph to Old Town Alexandria while they were visiting.  It is the third oldest historic district in the nation and is filled with early American stories and events.  I've come here many, many times since I moved to DC (as well as cute nearby areas such as Del Ray) and am always impressed with how clean and cute the area is.  It's very driveable from DC, but because I hate finding parking I usually just metro and then either walk or ride the free trolley towards the waterfront where you'll find most of the action.  The old streets are lined with large trees, cute shops, restaurants and galleries.  Near the waterfront you can feed ducks, admire the boats and see the National Harbor across the Potomac.  

There are always a handful of artists and musicians in the area performing.  This guy's work with spraypaint was pretty impressive.

There were the three cutest boys standing on the side of the street covering popular songs.  I thought it was cute that out of all the activities these young guys could be doing, they were playing songs and trying to earn money.  We must have walked by them at least 3 or 4 times and each time stopped to listen for a minute.  We gave them some money and I hope lots of other people did too.

 This man is here every time I visit and he does such an incredible job playing songs with his glasses of water.  It's really quite impressive.
 Steph was quite the little model.

Of course Mom HAD to feed the ducks.  Out of everything there was to do in the area this is what she wanted to do most.  She went to Subway to buy bread, but they had to charge her the price of a full sandwich, which didn't deter her at all.  Lucky ducks.

Old Town is a lovely, beautiful area that I think most people will enjoy.  Around the holidays the trees are lit up with lights and the shops feel warm and cozy.  You can even take a ferry to the National Harbor or to Georgetown which would be fun.  Speaking of Georgetown, this area reminds me a lot of Georgetown, so if you like one I'm sure you'll like the other.

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