Mount Vernon

I've already posted about my time in California, Utah and Oregon this summer, so now let's throw DC into the mix, shall we!?  

I went back to DC to pack and move all of my things out of my place officially since I decided to move back West.  Mom and Steph came to help which was sad.  I'm too sad to even talk about officially leaving, so for now let's focus on all of the fun things we saw and did there.

First up, Mount Vernon.  This was Mom and Steph's first time here and they both really liked it.  We got there late in the afternoon and didn't have a whole lot of time, but it was still very pleasant.   We were brave and even took the bus down there which actually worked out great!  Just metro to Huntington and then catch the bus that will take you straight there, easy peezy.  The house tour is nice and the grounds are beautiful.  We even went through the museum at the end which had a lot of very interesting information.  In elementary school President Washington was my favorite president (I think it's probably Lincoln now) so I always enjoy the chance to learn a little more about our first president.  When I first moved to DC I bought a year pass and you can see my posts about it here and here.

I sweltering, so obviously the cardigan had to go.

The sun was soooo bright in our eyes, but it's the only pic we have of all three of us together there.

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