My favorite monument in DC is the Lincoln Memorial, hands down.  Ater showing multiple visitors around the city this seems to be their favorite as well.  Not only is it massive and beautiful, but there is a distinct feeling of reverence as you climb your way up those steps to see President Lincoln.  Mom, S and I came here on more than one occasion during our trip and really enjoyed each visit.

There are always herds of people here, but with a little patience you can break through and get a quick picture.  By August the crowds seem to start dying down.  Spring Break, June and July seem to be the worst months for tourists, in my opinion.  
Mom and I wore the right colors to stand out in the crowd, that's for sure.  
Just a few days prior someone had thrown green paint on the memorial and they were still in the process of removing it.  Can't believe someone would do that!
I love his second inaugural address shown below.  It is so eloquent and clear that I can't imagine anyone in the audience on that day disagreeing, but of course some probably did.  One of my favorite parts is this dramatic statement, "Both parties deprecated war; but one of them would make war rather than let the nation survive; and the other would accept war rather than let it perish. And the war came."
Few people think to walk around to the backside of the memorial and enjoy the quiet view that can be seen of the Potomac from that direction.  If you walk around to the back you'll practically have the place to yourself and can sit and rest while taking in the scenery.
 A plane flying into Reagan just a few miles away.
One morning, probably a year ago, as I was running through Arlington on my way to the Lincoln a really pretty brunette-haired Mom and her young look-alike teenage daughter stopped  me and asked if they were heading the right direction to the Lincoln.  I confirmed they were and gave them the rest of the directions just to be safe.  They thanked me and then the Mom told me how years ago she had lived here herself and would run to the monuments just like I was doing and now that she was back visiting she wanted to take her daughter along the same path.  I thought that was so sweet and that has stuck with me ever since.  I hope one day I can return with my children and show them not only the monuments, but show them personal details such as the running path I would take to get to them.
I wish I could teleport back there right now and sit on the edge with my feet dangling over the side while resting against the cool marble as I sit look over the Potomac.  Sometimes I'd think about life and sometimes I'd just watch the crazy drivers trying to merge while people would jaywalk across the street and complicate the situation further ha. 
There is finally water back in the reflecting pool (Ok, I guess it's been a year now, but it felt like it was drained for soooo long.)  Sadly the Washington Memorial is covered in scaffolding to repair damages done in the earthquake.  There is always something under construction it seems.
One more pic because I'm obsessed with this view.  That bridge (Memorial Bridge) is the one I would run down from my house when I wanted to run around the monuments.  

The evening is an especially dramatic time to see the Lincoln Memorial.  Absolutely gorgeous.  

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