Lake Detroit

Most of our time in Oregon was spent 90 miles outside of Portland at Lake Detroit, just a few minutes away from Dad and Paula's place.  I LOVE this lake.  It is the cleanest lake I have ever seen - there is not so much as a branch floating in the water.  Part of the reason the water is so clean and clear is because the lake is emptied entirely every single year and refilled by fresh snowmelt.  Pretty crazy, considering how huge the lake is.  
It's a pretty big lake (9 miles long), but the only pictures that were taken from a far enough distance back to show that are on Steph's phone so one day I'll get those from her and post them on here.  

  Cheryl and Jason brought their boat down for the weekend and we had the best time riding around on it.  Dad also rented a jet ski which was a blast.
I LOVE being out on the lake and could spend all summer, every summer boating.
There's our captain, Cheryl, who did a great job (along with Jason) driving the boat all over the lake.

  It was a lot of fun being able to spend more time with Kylie and Jakoby as well.  They are such smart, cute kids.
 These photos are not retouched  at all (ya'll are crazy if you think I have time to edit all of these!).  The water really is that aqua and beautiful in certain parts of the lake - it's so pretty!
Are we in the Caribbean or what?  That water is unreal.  Once you put your foot in though you'll realize real quick that snowmelt feels a lot different than warm Caribbean ocean water ha.  But actually, the water really wasn't bad at all this time of year.  Chilly for the first couple of seconds, but once you're in it's totally fine.
Cheryl and Jason brought the "pancake" and we had fun taking turns riding it around.  First up were me and Paula on it.  Being pulled across beautiful blue water, under the warm sun, surrounded by a lush forest really isn't a bad way to spend an afternoon.
Then Steph and I had a turn and I somehow managed to fall off.  Twice.  Fail.  We decided to take it a bit easier after that and Steph sunned herself on her back and while I sat up.
Steph was our designated safety flag holder.
Kylie helped too.
Steph finished the Hunger Games during a few relaxing moments on the boat.
Have I mentioned that I love boating?  Cause yep, I do.
  Dad commented that the scenery feels a bit like Switzerland and I totally agree.

Cheryl is a pro wakeboarder and showed us her skills on the water.

I thought Jason (Cheryl's husband, the man in the picture below on the right) would be with us all weekend, but he had to go back to work before the weekend was over and so I don't have very many pictures with him unfortunately!  But he's awesome and has the most hilarious stories.  Truly one of the funniest guys I know.
Below are two interesting things we saw.  On the left is a floating outhouse haha. Maybe I haven't spent enough time on lakes but I've never seen one of those before.  On the right is a really classy boat we passed called the "booze crews" with a skull "keep out" mat.  Ohhh, so hardcore.

Back on the pancake this time with Kylie and Jakoby.

Dad and S taking the jetski out for a spin.

Cheryl and Kylie.


Such little cuties
Jakoby and I had fun taking the jet ski out for a spin.
Jet skiing was a lot of fun.  I hadn't been since I was a little girl and had never driven one by myself before. Steph and I had a lot of fun doing that together - taking turns driving and exploring the lake and area together. When I went alone I was able to get going pretty fast (45 was the fastest), but was content cruising at about 25-30.  Wind in my face, beautiful scenery and the rush of speed is enough to make me ridiculously happy.  Which explains why snow skiing, 4 wheeling, boating and jet skiing are all activities I love.
The boat!
The island and one of the marinas.

Can't wait until next time!

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