Billy Goat Trail

I'd heard about a great hike/walk just outside of DC called the Billy Goat Trail and wanted to see it before I moved away, so the day I flew into DC my friend Ken picked me up in Baltimore and then drove us to Virginia so we could check on this trail.  There are three sections and I believe we did section C, but next time I definitely want to do Section A (more challenging, but probably more interesting views).

I would also love to kayaking in the Potomac sometime as well.  How fun!
I love the lush greenery of the East Coast.  It's great that you can drive just 30 minutes away from a city as big as DC and be in the middle of a forest.  

Can you spot the toad?
First sign of fall!
Nothing special about this sign, except what language is that in the bottom right and why did that choose that language above all the other possibilities?  Is there some sort of large population of people who speak this language in the region that I don't know about?

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