Back in Bakersfield Part 3

You can see Part One HERE and Part Two HERE

Family dinner at Aunt Heidi's.
Here I am with my Jr. High BFF Ashley standing in her kitchen. I have a lot of memories here at her home, like the time in 7th grade when we created the most extensive replica of a medieval castle our teacher had ever seen, the time her mom helped us study for a math final in high school for 12 straight hours and when we made massive amounts of candy for Christmas one year.
Celebrating family birthdays.
Birthday flowers, balloons and birds.
Sometimes the drive down Truxtun is sorta pretty.
  I take my sushi seriously...

Mom and the Sunday School class she substitute taught at church holding up their drawings.
Here's a weather comparison of Bakersfield and Washington DC for the same week.  Both awful - Btown got up to 109 that week, but DC had thunderstorms every day of the week.  Between the two I'd choose Bakersfield weather - it's stinkin' hot both places, but at least Bakersfield has sunshine and dry heat - perfect for the pool!
Mom and I at the 5k run and my healthy oatmeal.  
I googlemapped Grandma and Grandpa's house and found that the image of their house included Grandpa working out in the yard raking leaves!  Cool!
G and his homies and the way the den looks after they've spent the night.
Our poor neighbors...
Watermelon oreos...just had to try them.  And they were exactly as I expected...not good.
Fourth of July picture taken of fireworks we could see from our house and my attempt at festive waffles (we were out of red berries).
Mom and I went to look at furniture at Ashley Furniture and didn't have much success.  However, I couldn't get over this swastika looking lamp!  How the heck did that one get approved?  And the size of these recliners was unreal - 3 of me could have fit in one of those chairs.
Out to lunch with of my high school bffs.
No better way to end this post than by showing these two cuties.

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