Utah Happenings

This is the face of someone who spent far too long in a car by themselves.
I decided to go by myself to Utah last month for a week so I could go to a wedding, run a half marathon and visit family and friends.  I'm a night person, so I didn't think it would be a big deal if I left Bakersfield for Utah in the evening - it'd be cooler, less traffic and I'd get my second wind.  I planned to drive half-way, stay in a super cheap hotel in Mesquite and then finish the drive the next morning.  Well, I overestimated my abilities and only made it to Primm (the Nevada border) before I pulled over into Whiskey Pete's parking lot and decided to take a nap.  The thought of having to lug all of my stuff into a hotel, check-in, pay etc. seemed more much difficult than just sleeping in the car.  So yep, I slept in the drivers seat of the car all night outside of a casino. If this were twitter I would add hashtag keeping it classy.

Normally I can punch out a long drive, no problem, but I realized later that the main problem was that I didn't have good music to listen to on the drive.  Since I was in my Grandma's car I didn't have my usual iPhone hookup or CDs, so I just had to rely on the radio.  And let me tell you, the radio options are slim late at night, especially when you hit Barstow.  In fact the options were so bad I ended up listening to Christian talk radio in Spanish.  That just combined three types of radio I never listen to ever, let alone all at once.  But I figured it was a good way to brush up on my Spanish (still hoping to one day become fluent).  On the drive back Stephanie gave me some CDs to listen to which made all the difference.

Mom, G and Sugar seeing me off on my trip.
Doesn't this cloud look like it's falling from the sky?  I love it.  It looks like a big blob of cool whip ready to land in the road.
While driving through Vegas I renewed my Grandpa's car registration for him and was so amused by Nevada's DMV kiosks.  Certain grocery stores have these little "DMV in a box" devices and renewing your registration is easier than ordering a burger from a drivethru.  And Elvis even tells you, "Thank you, thank you very much at the end."  Since when does the DMV have a personality AND make things convenient for you?!  The rest of the US could learn a lesson, because renewing your car in Nevada is awesome.
Finally seeing those Mountains were a welcome sight.
One of my favorite parts of visiting Utah is getting to eat all the food I've missed.  Below is a pork salad from cafe rio and sweet potato fries from Guru's.
Trying on outfits for the wedding.
Went to dinner at Red Robin (his favorite...still not sure why) with my friend Layne and had a good time catching up.  
Visiting Karli at her cute new place in Salt Lake.
Went to lunch at the cutest place in downtown SLC called Eva's Bakery with my gorgeous London friend, Brittany.  We had the most divine goat cheese salad - I'm still craving it!  Always so fun to catch up with her.
Double fisting it with our desserts.
Went out to dinner with Garrick and Brittni who are just the best people ever.  They will always be lifelong friends.
Below is a picture of B and I together and also a picture of the City Creek Mall in SLC.  I'd been there before, but was once again extremely impressed with how beautiful it is.
Below is my great Aunt Jean (Grandma's sister).  She is such a vibrant, creative, wonderful person.  It was great to catch up with her while in Utah.  (As you can tell, I visited a lot of people the day I wore this dress haha.  It's in like every picture!)
Sushi time with B, Kelsey, and Steph!  We went to Happy Sumo and it was delicious, and even better after Brandon discovered he could get us half off! However, B and I both ordered the mango roll because it's awesome, but what wasn't awesome is that my roll was about half the size as his!  I put my little piece on the far left next to his roll for comparison's sake. 

Here I am with my cute friend Jarica at her home.  She and her husband were on the Holyland Trip with my Grandma and I and we had the best time together!  She is one of those people you just adore instantly - so positive and fun and lovely.
Steph and I went to Arches (post to come later) and all of a sudden she puts on this cute, navy blue shirt that I instantly recognize as mine!  That's not a big surprise because I give her a lot of my clothes, but this one I know for sure I never gave her because I've been missing it for the last four years.  The last time I saw this shirt was THIS night (photo below).  What the heck!  She said she just barely found it in her trunk haha.  Soooo random.  I don't know how it ended up in Step's trunk, but it sat there for FOUR years unnoticed.  Also, I wasn't able to see Jenny (pictured below) on this trip to Utah, but next time for sure!
The cute bird in its nest outside of Steph's place.
On my way back to California after my visit to Utah I passed Cove Fort and had flashbacks to THIS event.
I learned from the billboard below that Beaver, of all places, supposedly has the best water.  Can anyone confirm that?  And also, the sign below found in a gas station bathroom cracked me up.  Are they seriously having a problem with people throwing the tp on the ground instead of the toilet?  hahaha, wow, this world has some special people.
Saw a gorgeous sunset on the way home and had to pull over and wait forever because a car caught on fire and disintegrated.  It was a sad sight.
I had such a good time back in Utah on this trip.  I was able to see so many people (sadly, I didn't get pictures with a lot of them), and there were even more I wasn't able to see, but hopefully I'll be back again soon and can see everyone.  I really love Utah and miss all of the people there.  Can't wait until next time!

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