Rafting Down the Kern

Growing up in Bakersfield, kids are always told to stay out of the Kern River.  "Stay out, Stay Alive" is the saying and for the most part, people seem to listen and stay away, including myself, which is why this year was the first time I'd ever gone rafting in it.  Apparently, only the upper part of the river poses any real danger and the lower part is fine as long as you use caution.  A family friend, Kip, invited us to go rafting with her through her son's company on the river and we had the best time.  The weather was perfect - warm, but uncharacteristically cloudy, which shaded us from being under constant sun.  Kip, Mom, Aunt  Heidi, G, his friend Aaron and I all went.  Our guide led us through some rapids, told us about the surrounding areas and let us play games and swim in the water.  It was a fun afternoon and something I would suggest doing if you're ever in Bakersfield over the summer.

Grayson on the raft slip 'n slide.
Mom and Aunt Heidi playing a game relying on trust and using their paddles to keep them from falling into the water.  G and I later played and I of course was the one to end up in the water.

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