On the Go

Hi peeps,

I've had a pretty eventful few weeks.  I've been mostly in DC, packing up all of my things to move back to the West Coast.  Saying bye to people and places was hard - I sure will miss it back there.  Mom and Steph came out to help and we did quite a bit of sightseeing which was fun.  I was also in a fairly serious car accident and that was rough, but luckily everyone is okay.  More on that later.  After DC I went to NYC, came back last night to Bakersfield (after 17 hours of travel) and spent the day visiting with family and running a 5k.  Tomorrow morning I'm heading to the airport at 5 am to catch a flight to Oregon where I'll be the rest of the week with family.  Once I return I'll surely be blowing up this blog with random posts over the last couple of months.

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