Kelsey's Wedding

I don't know why, but in college, when it came to housing, it seemed that the more run-down the housing complex, the more fun I had living there.  Specifically, I'm thinking of Deseret Towers (so old that it was torn down two years after I lived there) and Courtside.  I remember visiting a friend who lived at Courtside before I moved there and thinking, "Gosh, I feel bad people have to live here."  Then, somehow I ended up there myself a few years later.  Once, when my brother-in-law was visiting he commented as he walked through the dimly lit hallway that it looked a lot like a halfway house.  Maybe he was right, but besides my freshman year at DT, my two years at Courtside were possibly my favorite years at BYU.  It was the people who lived in these complexes that made all the difference.  They were so much fun!  Down-to-earth, spontaneous, social people.  And what was surprising is that despite the ghetto-ness of the place, many people who lived there were actually quite well-off financially.  I became close with an apartment of girls down the hall and have so many wonderful memories with them.  One of the girls, Kelsey, was married last month and I'm so happy that I was able to attend her wedding reception.  (She married the cousin of my friend Erica - small world.)  Knowing Kelsey, I knew it would be nice, but I was totally blown away by how huge and beautiful it was.  It was held at a friend's house and they estimate that 1200 people came.  There were 2 six-seater golf carts and a van driving around the neighborhood to pick people up so they didn't have to walk as far.  
There were multiple large white tents spread out on the property all serving different purposes - seating, dance floor, food areas, wedding video watching etc.
  I brought my friend Brandon along with me because we have a tradition of being each other's wedding dates.  You can see behind him the receiving line and that was only a small part of it.  It was crazy long.  Luckily Kelsey spotted me and waved me over so I didn't have to stand in that crazy long line :) I felt bad for the bride and groom because they literally spent the entire 2 hours in line greeting people.  They finally just had to walk through the line to speed things up so they could dance and have cake.  
Playing dress-up with the props at the guestbook sign in and admiring the peacocks.
Here I am with Alyssa, one of my Courtside friends who was also Kelsey's bridesmaid.  My dear friend Karli (who I also met at Courtside and was a bridesmaid) was there but I don't think I got a picture with her so here is a picture she posted of herself with a Kelsey.
 They served a ton of awesome food at the wedding, but our favorite part was the sushi! Free, incredibly delicious sushi - yes yes yes.
  The bride and groom during their first dance. They are the cutest couple ever.  Ken and Barbie in the flesh.  Seriously.  
 Pretty sure this is the nicest wedding I'll ever go to.  Not only was it super beautiful and everything done to the nines, but it was all done on such a grand scale to accommodate so many people.

 In addition to the shrimp salad, sushi, chicken cordon bleu, creme brulee etc. etc. they also served cotton candy on glow sticks!  So awesome.
 These pictures are terrible of me, but I just had to post a couple of me and Kelsey together since they're the only ones I have.  Despite the throngs of people there, she treated me like I was the only one there and was so warm and kind, just like she always is.
 The dessert table.  The one on the right is a very exclusive piece of cake, thanks to Brandon.

I love weddings! 

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