Happy Birthday Steph

This pretty kitty turned 23 in May, but she wasn't in town until June so we waited till her visit to celebrate.  I can't believe Steph is 23 - that's the age I was when I moved to DC.  I feel like she is still my baby sister, but yet she's actually quite grown up!  In fact, as of just 2 weeks ago she received her LPN!  So happy for you Stephanie, we love you!
She even had candles with colored flames!
Bday lunch at CPK.  Love her expressions as she opens presents.
Nobody loves candles as much as Stephanie does.
All the girls.
When S was little she'd always dress up in bows and ribbons and G is obviously taking after her haha.

A different camera flash went off the same time this picture on the left was taken and we had to laugh when we saw the picture because it looks like she's looking up at a UFO landing or something haha.

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