Deseret Half Marathon

A month ago Stephanie and I ran the Deseret Half Marathon together in Utah.  Steph and I are signed up to run a full marathon this October and thought this would be a good event to do half way through our training.    (Only problem is that I have not run at all in the past month.  At all.  I'm in big trouble come October).  Anyway, we had a great time running together!  We literally got 2 hours of sleep the night before which I wouldn't recommend, but somehow with all of the adrenaline going we managed.  We met at the stadium at the horrible hour of 4 am and then took the bus up to the start of the race.  The run begins up Emigration canyon and goes down into the heart of Salt Lake City following the path the first pioneers took coming into Utah.  Steph had never run more than 7 miles before so this was double her longest run but she did awesome!  We ran the same pace the entire time so it was really fun to be able to do it together from start to finish.  We had a great morning and were laughing so hard before and during the first part of the race.  I don't think anyone else was having quite as much fun as we were. 

Driving to the stadium super early!  
Waiting for the start of the race.

We even took pictures of each other running - we obviously weren't taking this too seriously.  Right around this time we heard a girl behind us say, "People always say I run like a t-rex but I don't care."  Just then she ran past us and she really did run exactly like you would expect a t-rex to run!  It was hilarious and I had to try so hard to hold in my laughter.
Having a grand time.
The next few photos are some of the professional photos that were taken.  These are all towards the end of the race and we were sore and exhausted.  I felt like I was still running, but really I think I was just shuffling along.  I never, ever get an upset stomach, but for some reason during this race my stomach bothered me quite a lot.  I think I ate too many fruits beforehand (apples and bananas help keep you from getting muscle cramps while running) and also shouldn't have taken a preventative tylenol.  Next time I'll just eat a bowl of oatmeal instead and call it good.
They say running is a mind game, and to a large degree it is, but towards the end of this run my mind was working overtime trying to get my legs to move faster, but physically they were just shot and didn't have any energy left.  It's really a combination of both a strong body and strong will-power.
I've decided that running is just not and won't ever really be my thing.  No matter how much I train, my body just does not seem to be naturally inclined to run long distances.  Biking and swimming are much more up my alley.  
We ran the half marathon in 2:34.  It's a pretty average time, but we were happy with it.  We had been running at a faster pace most of the run, but towards the end we slowed down quite a lot because after mile 10 we were just exhausted.  Up until 10 though, we did pretty well!  The canyon was beyond gorgeous that early in the morning and I was really in awe of how beautiful Utah is.  I thought of my pioneer ancestors who came down this same path and thought if they could do that, then certainly I do this run.  But we were sooo happy once we crossed that finish line. Aftewards we got a medal and free Magleby's french toast.  Then I laid down on the grass and my upset stomach turned into full on nausea while Stephanie looked like she had a severe case of hypothermia.  Her lips were bright purple, as if she had put on bright purple lipstick.  I was nervous that she also was going to get really sick, but luckily her normal coloring returned within 30 minutes.  I however had to deal with the nausea for a few hours.  Something similar happened at my last half marathon and I thought it was because I was dehydrated, but now I know that something else must be causing it because I stayed extremely hydrated on this run.  I think part of it is just that my insides don't like being jostled around for 2+ hours and I probably need to eat a bit better.  Anyway, once we felt better, we went to 24 hour fitness and sat in the hot tub and just relaxed our poor muscles.  I even went for a short swim too.   Then we took a nice long nap :) Overall, it was a great run and I'm so glad Steph and I could do it together.  

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August 27, 2013 at 12:18 PM

I've never sighed up to run marathons. Looks like fun! Nice pics!

August 28, 2013 at 4:33 AM
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