Back in Bakersfield Part 2

Here is part 2 of pictures from my time in Bakersfield this summer.  You can see Part 1 HERE.

Paula, Cheryl and I went to a nut festival in Bakersfield and on our way in Paula mentioned that it would be fun if they had a cake-walk and how growing up she always seemed to win the cake whenever she did a cake walk.  Well, low and behold they had a cakewalk so of course we did it!  Paula's luck must have rubbed off on Cheryl and I because the first time around I won and the second time Cheryl won!  With 20 other people doing it with us, we sure beat the odds. It was so much fun to win!
Because cake isn't enough we went to Dewar's after having dinner at KC's steakhouse.
After church I grabbed Steph, Zach and David to take a picture together one day.  I've known Zach and David for almost 10 years now.
The photoshoot continued at home with Mom and Steph.
One of my favorite parts of being home is all of the delicious (and free!) food I get to eat :)  Those are scallops simmering up in the bottom right.
Watched the NBA Finals at Aunt Heidi's with the family and I about had a heart attack in game 6.  Unreal!!  Go Spurs.
Dewar's with Dad and S.  Been doing this since we were toddlers.

We really like Dewars in this family.  Below are pics from two more trips to Dewars. So glad we have a location close to us now!
Dixon's on a committee for the college basketball team and we went to a sports awards ceremony one night where they took this picture.
Beautiful sunset over our neighborhood one evening.  
Celebrated Dad's birthday in June!  Paula made her amazing ice cream cake.  It is heavenly!!
Rocky wanted in on the fun too.
On the patio at their new home unwrapping presents.
Taking a walk on the golf course.
Steph makes an excellent model.

Back on McPherson lane.  Steph is TINY.
G and his best friends Neil, Adam and Aaron at our house swimming.
Mom, Steph and I went on a 22 mile bike ride at 1 pm on a blazing hot day.  We're pretty tough chicks.  We had a lot of fun riding out to Enos lane and back on the bike trail.  
Built the world's biggest burger ever at Dad's one night.
Night games in the pool.  G loves to play color shark more than anyone I know.

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August 31, 2013 at 4:39 PM

I fiiiiiinally caught up on your blog, lol. Thanks for all the new posts and pictures!!! Sounds like you're having a blast!!! And OMG!!! I LOOOOOVE cake walks!!! I haven't done one of those since elementary freaking. fun.


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