Grandparents' Flowers

My Grandpa Horlacher (and Grandma!) has a green thumb which makes it so enjoyable to go over to their house and see what they has growing.  In May it seemed as if everything were blooming at once and their yard was so beautiful and bursting with color.  I'm so glad I had my camera with me.
Unintentionally and probably without ever realizing it, my grandparents have instilled in me a love and appreciation for flowers.  My whole life I've seen them tend and nurture beautiful plants and flowers and the great care and respect they give to them.  I know it brings them great joy, but this hobby also has brought a lot of happiness to others since they also so willingly share the things that grow in their yard.

I know dandelions are weeds, but I still love them too.  Steph and I would find them in the yard occasionally when we were young and didn't hesitate to make a wish and blow the seeds all over the place. Grandma and Grandpa patiently let us enjoy this simple pleasure, despite the fact that we probably multiplied the weed problem a hundred times over. 
Grandma always has beautiful flowers in her windowsill, but she also keeps them on the outside as well.
 This shot is accidentally overexposed, but I still love it nonetheless.  I'm obsessed with vines of flowers growing along the porch.
Grandpa grows the most beautiful, fragrant sweet peas in the world.  They are one of my all-time favorite flowers and will always remind me of him. 

 Some of the flowers beds out front (that blue house is the neighbor's, my Grandparents' house is not seen on the right).

Poppies are another flower that will always remind me of my grandparents.  They love them and always have them growing in their yard.

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