DC Snapshots

A few pictures I haven't posted yet from this past Spring in DC.

I love how green and also colorful DC is in the Spring.  I sure love that place.
Karli's goodbye party was so fun (and yet so sad!)  Here she is with Haylee and Weldon.    
Treats galore!  Weldon, Karli, me and Jenny at Karli's house.
  I was able to meet up with my former roommate Michelle in DC and had a wonderful time catching up with her and her cute daughter Afton!  So glad we could see each other before both moving away.
Hanging out with Chad at Hershey Park in Pennsylvania.

Afterwards we drove through Amish country and had a legit Amish meal, family style.  Eating Amish food requires 3 forks, naturally.

Late night bonfire on Court and Tom's porch deck roasting s'mores with friends.  It was a lot of fun and I'm happy to report that their wooden deck is unharmed.

Haley and I went to listen to travel blogger Matt Kepnes speak.  

Had a picnic lunch on the mall with Kat one day and met Karli for lunch in Foggy Bottom on another.

Angela came to town during Cherry Blossom season and we had fun walking around DC together, catching up.

It's a terrible picture, but Karli and I went out to explore the DC scene late one night and ended up at a rooftop bar where we drank our Shirley Temples and then went dancing.  Just another fun, random outing in DC.  The dessert below is a sabayon sauce Karli made based on Market Street Grill's recipe  that we poured over ice cream with berries.  It was good!
I absolutely love running to Gravelly Park and watching the planes take off from Reagan.
Celebrated adorable Tatum's birthday with her family and the CCKC in Maryland.  We surprised her when she came in the door, but I think she was a little traumatized by seeing strangers hide in her house.  She moved on quickly from the surprise/scare and we played games, made very creatively decorated cupcakes and had some really good Costco pizza.

A few random pictures of DC I took.

Haley and I after dinner in DC.
Walking home down my street.  I loved that neighborhood.
The canvas painting I got from Ikea that I've been carrying around the past few years.  Finally decided to sell it, but it will be missed.
A neighborhood not far from DuPont circle with cute row houses.

My room after I moved out. :(

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