Back in Bakersfield Part 1

Right now I'm back home in Bakersfield looking for jobs and figuring out where to go and what to do next.  More on that later, but if anyone has a job they can offer me on the West Coast, let me know :)  I haven't posted about my recent happenings for a while, so here's a picture summary of the last month.

There's been lots of time spent in and around the pool.  Especially this week since it is crazy hot!  
Grayson and I in the kitchen making chocolate covered strawberries with Mom.  
Grayson often petsits for the dogs up the street and they are just so darn cute.  Mom and I go up with him occasionally and it's so fun to play with them, even though they're little trouble-makers sometimes.
Lucy's face is too cute for words.

Family bonfires in the backyard.  We roast hot dogs and 'smores and then go swimming and hot tubing (when it's not too hot).
Also, Steph came into town for a couple of weeks, yay!
My good friend David was in town at the end of May and it was a lot of fun hanging out with him.  We tried to get a good picture together, but it was a bit of a challenge since someone was either making a joke or tickling someone else the entire time.

PS. Can you believe how tall Grayson is getting?  He's as tall as me now!
My life is obviously getting boring if I'm blogging about going to the car wash...haha.  But I just thought it was hilarious that they took our picture at the end - are they trying to be Disneyland or what?!
Dinner at 7 Oaks with Dad, Paula and Steph.
Their food is ah-mazing there.  I love Wednesday night pasta night.

Pretty flowers in the garden and us together near a lake on the golf course.
For those who don't know, my step-mom Paula has been battling two types of cancer this past year: Non-Hodgkin's Lymphoma and Breast Cancer.   She is such a strong and positive person and is doing really well.  It's definitely hard, but she's pushing through it and hopefully by the end of year will be in remission from both.
Dinner at Frugatti's with S, G, Mom and Dixon.
For Grayson's 8th grade graduation dinner he wanted to go to Golden Corral (I'm not a fan of buffets, but it was okay).  In true 14 year old boy fashion he took random pieces of food, like broccoli, to the chocolate fountain and would cover them in chocolate and then eat them.  Sick.  
Spent many nights at David's playing games with friends and family.  
Again, getting all of us to look normal in a picture was a struggle.  Here we are with David, Blake and his wife Hannah.
Grayson is so loving and good to his sisters.  I think it's so cute that he'll put his arm around us from time to time.
Delicious dinner at Aunt Heidi's beautiful home.

Uncle Keith and I had fun preparing the dessert for everyone.  We weren't doing such a great job keeping the pie presentable on the plates and had a good laugh about the way some of them turned out.  Maybe we did a bad enough job that we won't have to do it again ;)  Just kidding, I like helping out in the kitchen.
I tried the protein burger at In-N-Out and not only did the lettuce replace the bun, but it replaced just about everything else in the sandwich too!  I'm pretty sure there was a patty somewhere in there...
Hung out with my friend Ashley in downtown Bakersfield one night.  I rarely spend any time down there, but we had a good time.  It was great to catch up.
Aunt Heidi, Uncle Keith, me, Mom and Dixon after running in the "Fun Run."  It's a 5k in Bakersfield that happens every other week in the summer and I joined them for the first time two weeks ago.  They give you a chip and time you, so it's encouraging to run quickly since your time is posted online.  We had a lot of fun, especially being able to all participate together. However, for whatever crazy reason you're not allowed to run with headphones or music so you just have to suffer in silence. 

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