Picking Apricots

I love apricot season because I looove apricots!  I always seem to be somewhere besides Bakersfield when they ripen, but this year I happened to be home and it was wonderful!  Last year Mom mailed me apricots which was so sweet of her.  You can read about that here. Mom, S and I went over to Grandma and Grandpa's to help them pick theirs before they dropped off the branches and we had such a nice time all being together at their beautiful home.  I'm convinced that picking fruit from your own garden is one of the most satisfying experiences in life.   
 Grandpa's dog Nike is the most obedient dog you've ever seen.  That's because Grandpa gives that dog the best life a dog has ever known and in return Nike worships Grandpa.  It's so cute to see them interact with each other.
Here are the beautiful apricots.  I not only love the taste, but the color.  

   The fruits of our labors.  Haha, so punny.  We had about four boxes by the time we finished.

Amidst this post of pretty pictures is a sick picture of a spider eating a fly.  Eww, why am I including this when I couldn't even stand to watch it in real life?  
On a cuter bug note, a ladybug laded on an apricot Steph was holding.

While I'm posting strange pictures, here is a picture of Grandma's bruised foot.  While picking apricots (a week or so before we came over) she fell and tore the tendons in her foot.  She was standing on a step-ladder with one arm around the trunk of the tree and one arm reaching out to grab apricots when she lost her balance and instead of letting go of the apricots (heaven forbid) she let go of the trunk.  Poor Grandma hurt her foot quite badly, but she saved those apricots!  You can see my love for apricots runs deep - we'll sacrifice ourselves before we sacrifice the fruit!
Grandpa has become quite the melon connoisseur and brought out some melons for us to enjoy after we finished picking the apricots.  We always have a nice time visiting and laughing.

My beautiful, beautiful momma.
 A few shots of flowers from their yard.
Mark my words, one day I will have my own apricot tree in my yard (hopefully from the seeds of one of Grandpa's trees).  

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