DC Weekend Fun - Karli Edition

If the title didn't give it away, I'll break it down for you here.  This post is all about Karli and some of the things we did this past Spring.  There were so many of them I just decided to group them together in place.  She moved from DC back to Utah at the end of April to go to PA school and I miss her dearly.  We lived down the hall from each other in college and I thought she was wonderful then, but I actually knew her roommates better than I knew her at the time.  Luckily though, we both ended up in DC at the same time and have become best of friends.

We went into the District one morning for a delicious brunch at The Diner.  Then did a little shopping at a cute boutique called Violet where I got some pretty jewelry.  Followed by ice cream and more shopping in Georgetown.
I love being able to spot the Washington monument from different places in the District.
M Street at night in Georgetown
Karli's friend Lexi came to visit and we all had so much fun together.   Dinner at Lauriol Plaza was amazing.  On our way to Tryst we spotted this awesome corn/fish car.  Still laughing about that one.
We walked around the National Cathedral in the most freezing weather.  It was painfully, horribly cold outside.  

Karli's face is exactly how we all felt.

Dinner at 2Amys was great as always.  I love a high quality margherita pizza.

We took a picture here at Kramerbooks one night because we realized that we were at this exact same place exactly one year earlier and took a picture in this same spot.  
Trying out lipstick colors.  So many choices!
The picture on the left is how both of us randomly showed up to church one Sunday - as twins in yellow and polka dots.  The pic on the right is how we dressed up my outfit more later - pink earrings and a teal scarf - so colorful.
Here's the three of us at the National Harbor.  Once again, freezing.
Strange statues on the left and a peep car on the right.
Inside the Gaylord and pretty lit trees.  The pink ones are fake.
More National Harbor pics.
Karli and I at Eastern Market one Saturday for brunch.
I love markets, especially this one.
Karli got the famous buckwheat pancakes and I opted for French toast.
Here we are moving her belongings to the Pod down the road.  See if you can spot Jason hiding in the back.
Dinner at Shake Shack.  Not as good as the one in New York, but still good.
She came over the night before I left to help me pack up and this is what the room looked like just a few hours before I had to have it completely empty.  She was shocked and laughed so hard at me for being such a procrastinator.  I really did underestimate just how much I had to get done that night.
Luckily with her help we got it in tip-top shape by the time I had to leave.
It was strange to see my room so empty after the year and a half I spent living here in this house.
When I went to drop her off back at her place that night I found her room was even worse than mine was!  My turn to have a good laugh at the disaster that awaited her.

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