Bahama Mamas (Part 2)

Beach vacation = lots and lots of swimming. If you can't tell from the picture below, we spent A LOT of time in the water...and those are just MY suits! 
Random picture outside of the Fish Fry waiting for the bus to come.   Erika, Jenny, me and Haylee.
We went to the Swiss Pastry Shop down the road from us to buy a famous local food - Guava Duff.  It looks like frosting, but tastes sort of like bread pudding.  It's dough with a guava cream that tastes like fluff and sweetened condensed milk combined.  After we ordered it was heated up for us which was didn't expect. The first bite was strange, but the more I had, the more I liked it.  It's a sweet, chewy treat.

Taking full advantage of the hotel's lawn chairs and umbrella.  I love the sun more than I should and avoided spending time in the shade at all times.

I found the local grocery store so interesting because they sold such random and expensive products.  Mincemeat certainly isn't something you see everyday and neither are green maraschino cherries!
Haagen Dazs is already expensive, but sheesh, it's just not even worth it in the Bahamas.  Did I just say ice cream's not worth it?  I take that back, it's always worth it, but you better have a second job to pay for it.  Also, we thought it was funny that the Arizona cans have 99 cents printed on them and yet the price this store charges is 1.89.
Milo and Cabury hot chocolate?  Felt like I was in Australia and England again!
  The picture doesn't do it justice, but Karli is holding the most enormous tangerine.  It was the size of an apple.  And I love how this worker is wearing an "honesty patrol" shirt.  It sounds like a cute title given to an elementary school student, not a real job description haha.
  While not pictured at the store, we ate an unhealthy amount of coconut and chocolate cream cookies.  They were heavenly and made great snacks on the beach.
Lying out and absorbing the sun's rays has got to be one of the best feelings in the world.  While I'm starting to accept that I need to use sunscreen I don't think I'll ever be one of those people who hides under a hat and umbrella at the beach.  I just love the sun far too much.
Silly random photoshoot on the beach.

The weather varied slightly the whole week we were there.  Some days were dry and mild, others humid and very warm with a little wind.  Luckily we didn't have any rain and had plenty of sunshine as you can tell from the weather report below.
Below are two super random pictures.  On the left is a typical snack for me - a bell pepper eaten like an apple.  YUM.  On the right - a wheel chair with the largest wheels ever.  Perhaps some sort of beach cruising wheelchair?  A random thought to go with the random pictures - before leaving the airport in the Bahamas we had to go through customs which was strange since you normally go through customs after you land back home.  I'm glad we gave ourselves 2 hours at the airport so we had plenty of time.
Along with the loving the sun as much as we do, comes sunburns.  Jenny and I both got a bit burned, but luckily it faded within a day or so.
The result of 5 girls sharing one room.  Stuff everywhere!
We went to the Fish Fry a second time, although a different restaurant this time.  It was cheaper and more food, which was good. We totally should have shared because none of us could finish our own plates.  The conch fritters weren't as good, but other things were better.  I tried the fried grouper which was good, to my surprise.  It was so tender that it just fell apart and didn't taste too fishy.  
Erika and Jenny are awesome.  They kept us laughing the whole trip.
Isn't that the creepiest menu you've ever seen on the bottom left?  What the heck is that face in the pizza?  It's about the most unappetizing menu cover I've ever seen.  On the other hand, isn't that little puppy outside the cutest thing you've ever seen?
Sitting at Starbucks Facetiming with family back home.
The hotel maids were totally suspicious of how many girls we had in our room.  For some reason we had more toothbrushes than we had girls and they would arrange our toothbrushes together as if to say, hey it looks like there's more of you than you say there are.  It was pretty funny.  I wish I would have gotten a pic of ALL of the toothbrushes together.  Speaking of having extra people though, isn't that the nicest "cot" you've ever seen?  They practically wheeled in an entire third bed which was awesome.
We all wore polka-dots coincidentally to the hot tub one night.
Random fireworks shows are always fun.
Thai food on our last night.  Each dish was $18 so we got three entrees and split them amongst the 5 of us.  It was delicious and we made a huge mess which was slightly embarrassing.   

Next stop - Atlantis!

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