Atlantis Part 2

Once around the lazy river wasn't enough, so we went back for a second round.  This time we all held on to each other so we didn't get separated.

We had far too much fun for people our age haha.  

Some people in our group were a little more sunburn conscious and took measures to cover up when we were relaxing haha.  

We raced down the challenger slides on the Mayan Temple.  They have timers so you can know exactly who won and how fast you went.

Out of all of the rides though, Abyss was our favorite.  It has a pretty big drop, which is cool, but then it shoots you into an aquarium like room, which they call a cenote.  It was such a fun, unexpected ending that we went back and did it again.
What a cool ending to a ride!

We walked around a second beach before the day was over and while it was good, we liked the first one better.
Tired, but happy after such a long, fun-filled day!  Afterall, YOBO - You Only Bahamas Once!
This employee took a liking to us and called us his "fave five."  He floated down with us a ways and was ready to make plans for later haha.  
As if we didn't already have enough pictures we took more group pictures before the sun set.  Without planning it we all wore such bright, colorful outfits.
I love the picture of Karli fixing my hair for the picture haha.  I'm pretty sure it was beyond help at this point, but she's sweet to even try.
There is a hotel room on that bridge that costs $25,000 a night to stay in.  How crazy is that!?  One of the employees told us that very few people stay there, but one of the women that does rent it is a high-end escort type person.  Interesting.

I miss these girls and wish we could go back there and do this trip all over again.  We had such a fun time all together.  They're all such nice, fun, chill people.  We joked that Haylee is the alpha female because she was the bossy one, but even then she is still as nice as can be.

Prepping in the mirror.
The jellyfish in the aquarium were awesome!

This huge fish was creepy and had such an old man face!
There is a hallway filled with lobsters all around and above you and I guarantee it will give you the creeps.  They are huge and look like spiders crawling around.  It was weird too, because they seemed to have a fighting ring going on with lean fighters going after each other and huge lobster spectators watching them fight.  
We walked through the casino and admired the detailed architecture and designs.  Aside from the water park, there is a whole village at Atlantis with lots of food options including casual and formal.  It's not cheap ($12 for a simple grilled cheese), but it was good. 
One last group shot.

Atlantis, you're awesome and I hope I get to visit again.  If not back to this location, than certainly the one in Dubai.  

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