NYC With The Girls

In March I went on a quick overnight trip with Karli and Lexi and had the best time.  We packed in so much and made the most of our two days in the city.  I love that New York is just 4 hours away from DC.  

We took MegaBus up to save money and so we could sleep on the drive, but as luck would have it we ended up having to share the bus with the most rambunctious group of middle-aged female Raven fans.  They spent the whole 4 hours cackling, taking shots and walking around telling ridiculous stories in their loudest voices.  This is all at 8 am, mind you.  One woman apologetically said to no one in particular, "If you think we're too loud then you should have used your own form of transportation."  Another said, "I sent out an apology on Facebook ahead of time.  Sorry if you didn't it get hahaha." Um, what?  This isn't your bus.  We don't care if people talk, but this was just rude.  They were like a bunch of immature teenagers, except that they were all over 50.  Eventually headquarters saw what was happening on their secret bus cameras and told the bus driver to tell them to sit and be quiet down or else the bus would have to pull over.  Even this didn't make much of a difference. Needless to say it was an eventful ride up.  
We used hotwire to score an awesome deal on a hotel.  We stayed at the Crowne Plaza in Times Square for a very reasonable price.  While checking in and chatting with the lady at the front desk I told her about our ordeal on the way up and she thought that was hilarious and told me about the time her Grandma had too much to drink on a plane and we had a good laugh about that.  Next thing I know she's upgraded our room and given us early check in.  Our day had gotten off to a rough start, but was already improving greatly.
The view from our room during the day and night.
 Thank goodness for Googlemaps.  I don't know what people did without it!  We used it constantly to get around and know which train to take and when. 
We ate at John's Pizzeria after having it recommended multiple times.  Apparently, there are quite a few celebrities who have gone there as well according to the pictures in the front window.  The pizza was great and while not the best pizza I've ever had, it was definitely worth the money spent.  I'd go back.

Afterwards we went to the famous Magnolia Bakery.  It was so cute inside and had so many tempting treats. 
I got their popular Banana Pudding and was not disappointed.  This would normally not be the dessert of choice for me, but it was amazing.  It tasted a lot like banana cream pie.
 We made time to go to Ground Zero and walk through the museum since none of us had done it before.  I wasn't prepared for how emotional it would make me.  I was holding back tears through the entire museum.  It brought me back to the day it happened and I was overcome with  memories and emotion.
"The 9/11 attacks killed 2,977 people form more than 90 nations.  The oldest victim was 85 years old; the youngest was two.  More than 400 were first responders who died performing their sworn duties." 

"1 World Trade Center just beyond the north pool, which at 1,776 feet, will be the tallest building in the United States."  
"All but one of the tress on the Memorial are swamp white oaks.  The exception is a Callery pear tree known as the Survivor Tree.  This tree was planted on the original World Trade Center plaza in the 1970s, and stodd at the eastern edge of the site near Church Street.  After 9/11, workers found the dmaaged tree, reduced to an eight-foot-tall stump, in the wreckage at Ground Zero.  The tree was nursed back to health in a New York City park and grew to be 30 feet tall."  

We caught some street performers doing almost the exact routine I had seen done at Battery Park last year.
 We got cookies at Scmackary's one evening.  The cookies were great and the employees even better.  They were SO friendly and hilarious.  I could have sat and hung out with them all night long.
 Cutest sign ever.
We had brunch at a place called Cafeteria and I can't recommend it enough.  Best brunch ever.  It was amazing and I would go back 100 times.  The food, the fun staff (as you can tell from the picture of our waiter and we were comparing him to the man on the menu, except he isn't missing a finger, the location and environment - all of it was great.

I ordered this amazing Croissant French Toast with berries that was heavenly.  Perfection.  Lexi ordered waffles, but they're the best waffles I've ever had.  They don't taste like they're from a box at all.  So fluffy and delicious.  Karli ordered lemon ricotta pancakes which were gorgeous and delicious.

 And guess who was at the table next to us!?  The Human Ken Doll!!  I knew he looked familiar from somewhere and then realized I had just watched a clip of him on that Doctors show where they interviewed him about his hundred of surgeries.  He defended himself by saying that you never stop redesigning your house, so why would you stop redesigning yourself.  Whatever floats your boat, man.  He seemed like a really nice guy have brunch with his "girls."  He seems to know about every gay man in New York because he kept getting up to hug them everytime one of them walked in.
Here's our attempt to get a sneaky picture of him - he's the one in the stripes.  We're creepy, but we had to document it.
 Lexi is the cutest ever.
 When you're in NYC and you can't find parking you just park on the curb apparently.
Us on the Subway.
 Walking around Canal Street.  I got a super cute necklace and Karli got a great purse, but for the most part it was a bit too chaotic and overwhelming.  They can't sell bags with fake designer symbols on them anymore, but we still ended up in Dunkin Donuts with some shady man trying to sell us Michael Kors bags on the black market.  At that point, I'd just rather pay full price for the real thing than go through the effort of try to work the system.  Nonetheless, Canal Street is worth doing at least once and I felt like the jewelry was definitely worth it.
 After we walked to SoHo and did some shopping at J.Crew at Madewell.   
Dinner at Shake Shack just outside of Central Park.  It was AMAZING.  I've had it in DC, but this was so much better.  The hamburger (that bun!) and the concrete were divine.  The fries were just ok.
 This advertisement knows me so well. 
 We got dessert at Momofuku Milk Bar and it was awesome.
 They are famous for their crack pie which was amazing, but honestly the pie made out of candy bars was even better! 
 Times Square.

Can you see on the Hyundai screen?

While shopping on 5th Ave. we stopped into a store that had a FREE photobooth!  It as the most fun thing ever. 

Me doing some last minute repacking while waiting for the subway. Karli thought it was hilarious that I pulled apart my entire suitcase on the platform.  Sometimes you just gotta do what you gotta do.
It was a perfect New York weekend!. As always, I can't wait to go back!

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