Remembering Jake Part 5

Jake and Grayson at the cabin - I love this picture of them together.

 A picture of a picture.  Steph, Jake, Max and I in Dad and Paula's front yard.
At the cabin a long time ago.

Although a little blurry I love this picture of us kids when we were little.  We're probably at Disneyland again.
Jake and I taught Sunday School together one week.
Here we are in Bakersfield getting ready to drive back to Utah together.  We had a good drive except that I was anxious to get back to Utah to see my boyfriend, but Jake wanted to stop in Vegas to get something for his girlfriend.  And what did he want to get?  Vegan chocolate.  This is before vegan chocolate was hip and so it took us two hours trying to find something acceptably close to it.  That was Jake though, he would do anything for the person he cared about.  It was really sweet to see the way Jake cared about the girls he dated; he had such a big heart and always looked for ways to make them happy.

Jake taking us out on his bike at Amy's house which was so fun.  I love speed, but made him promise not to do any tricks.  Prior to this we had taken Dixon's new BMW for a spin in Bakersfield to see what it was capable of doing.  I maxed out at 120 and he 140 mph.  We were on a dirt road in the country and it was a surreal feeling to be sitting in the passenger seat and only able to see blurs of scenery pass by me through the windows.  Jake is about the only person I would trust doing that with and we had a really good time.

See what I mean?  Jake was always so much fun.  Even at Cafe Rio.

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