Remembering Jake Part 3

During "Easter Break" (I made my own since BYU didn't give us one) of my Freshman year at college I went to Escalante, Utah with Dixon, Jake and a lot of other young men to hike the slot canyons.  Growing up the boys always got to go on the fun adventures and finally my invitation came.  This was before I blogged so I've probably never posted any of these pictures before.  The landscape is so arid, beautiful and vast.  We had an amazing time and I'm hoping I can go back again soon.

Not only am I wearing the world's ugliest color combination, but I went hiking in pajamas - such a rookie move.  I obviously had a lot to learn and have since expanded my wardrobe to include actual workout attire.  But I survived somehow.  We shimmied across rocks, waded through water, hiked up and down through the dry landscape and squeezed between the narrow rock passage ways.

  These next few pictures are from our visit to California over Thanksgiving my Freshman year.

Grayson didn't take his eyes off of Jake the entire time.  He completely adored Jake.

Jake was great with Grayson.  Jake was always a little kid at heart and so playing with Grayson came very naturally to him.
Visiting with Grandpa at his house.
Jake's Mom, Kim, invited me and some cousins over for a Halloween/pumpkin-decorating/Jake's birthday party one year and we had a great time.  Lots of laughing and fun.

The next few pictures are from a year or two later at Aunt Amy's house in Lindon, Utah with little cousins and Grandma Kummer.
Jake was close to Grandma Kummer and loved her very much.  She was always very patient and understanding.

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