Random DC Happenings

All of these pictures are from the past year or so.  They're totally unrelated, but I just wanted to post a few pictures to remember some of these fun times.  More to come!

Rachel, me, Haley, Haylee and Karli out to dinner.  We decided that we need to start a lifestyle blog together because between the five of us we have quite the collection of stories, beauty tips and humor to give us interesting writing material for a lifetime.

We ate at a place called Grannville Moore's.  Haley and Rachel worked their magic to get us a good table.  
The most random, hilarious gay man was totally in love with Haley and how sassy she was.  He was ready to be her new BFF.  As you can tell, he wasn't shy about letting her know.  
With Haley as she makes her super delicious caramel corn.  I could eat that whole pile in front of me, it's just so good you can't stop.  However, she knows she needs to add extra caramel when I come over - lightly covered isn't nearly enough for my liking.  The more the better :)
My new, shorter blonde hair.  A nice change and a lot easier to manage, but I always miss my longer hair.
Me, Karli (so hipster in her cute glasses) and Kat in Old Town, Virginia. I love Old Town so much, it needs its own post.
Sister missionaries came over for dinner one night - they were so fun. 
Here I am at work with one of my friends.  Everyone in the office kept commenting on our similar outfits so we decided to document it.  I guess when you work together long enough you start thinking and dressing the same too.
There is always a protest happening outside somewhere on the streets of DC - people love to demonstrate for their cause.  Some rallies and protests are more impressive than others, but either way they are fun to watch.  I loved leaning over my desk and seeing what the commotion was every time we heard people come by - never a dull moment.
A LivingSocial pedicab wandering around the streets of DC.  They are brave souls to try to stand a chance against the crazy cars and drivers in the district.  I did it once and that was enough.
The dog walkers in the city crack me up - they always have far too many dogs on their little belts.
Smallest bell pepper ever!  I love unexpected, miniature things.

Angela and her friend came to DC to visit.  So fun seeing them!  I love when friends come to DC.

Casual Sunday dinner.
Reunited with my sweet friend Karli after I got back from my Europe trip.
Sippin' and paintin' with Tom and Whitney in DC.  I didn't want to paint ice cream cones so I painted a peacock feather which turned out looking more like an amoeba.  But hey, amoebas are cool too, right?
We thought DC could use a little touch of artwork around the city...
In Haley's car holding up delicious Cadbury chocolate I brought back from Europe (even though I'm sure they sell it around in the US, it still seems to taste better when it comes directly from Europe).
Some friends from church and I went to dinner and then walked around the Gaylord by the National Harbor at Christmastime.   The Gaylord is awesome anytime of year, but especially during the holidays.  Everything is so beautiful and festive and I love the giant Christmas tree hanging near the glass windows that look onto the water.

I'm ready for it to be Christmas again!

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