Point Lobos

Point Lobos is just 3 miles south of Carmel and is a wonderful place to stop by if you're in the area.  There are numerous walking/hiking trails that wrap through the woods and along the beach.  It's absolutely beautiful and very easy to navigate.  I think it cost about $10 per car to get in.  Landscape artist Francis McComas called it the, "The greatest meeting of land and water in the world."  While that might be a bit of an exaggeration, it definitely isn't hard to see why so many people have been captivated by the area.  We walked along the Cypress Grove trail since it is the most popular trail and enjoyed the most spectacular views.  While it's only about a mile long, be sure to give yourself a few hours to enjoy it.  We enjoyed looking at the wildlife (some people before us even spotted whales), taking lots of pictures and sitting to enjoy the scenery.

Look at the little otter on his back in the water. Him and his friends were really cute.
This view was so amazing, I wish the pictures could really capture how beautiful it was.  We didn't want to leave.  

California's version of Spanish moss?

Cute Mom enjoying the perfect weather and pretty scenery.
That rock is covered completely by Sea Lions.  The Spanish thought their bark sounded like wolves so they called them sea wolves.  Hence why the area is known as Point Lobos.
Wannabe Lone Cypress Tree,
There is a lot of poison oak around, but because it's a native plant (or something like that), they're not allowed to take it out, even though it has no benefit.

This was the best picture we could get using the self-timer

The water was such a pretty, bright blue, the sun was shining and warm, there was a gentle breeze, the air smelled fresh clean, and all you could hear was the sound of waves crashing, birds singing and wind rustling in the leaves.  It doesn't get any better than that.

My love for California grew even more during this trip.
Like mother...
Like daughter...

If you're in the area it's definitely worth it to stop by Point Lobos.   Absolutely gorgeous and very low key.  

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