Clock Tower

One place in DC I've had on my list of places to go to for a long time is the Old Post Office Clock Tower.  I finally made it there and only wish I had gone sooner!  It's free, easy and offers a beautiful view of the city.  Since the Washington Monument is closed it's one of the next best places to go for a good view of the District.
This is the inside.  There are shops and cafes as well as a Post Office.  
This is the room once you get to the top.
Unfortunately there are bars over a lot of the windows so it makes taking pictures a little tricky.
They have signs showing you what you're looking at which is nice.  I quizzed myself and tried to figure out all of the buildings before looking at the sign and did pretty darn well if I do say so myself.
 In this picture below you can see the Smithsonian Institution, the Jefferson Memorial and a plane flying into Ronald Reagan National Airport.
   Here's a view of the Lincoln Memorial and the Washington Monument.  I think that curved building is the EPA.
The Capitol, of course.

The building with the columns is the Treasury Building and the white building behind it is the White House!
I love the pretty rooftop terraces on various buildings in the area.  
If you're in DC I highly recommend stopping by the Old Post Office and heading up to the Clock Tower.  I'd suggest going at the end of your trip so you could try to spot all of the places that you visited while in DC since you'll be more familiar with them by the end of your visit.

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