As I mentioned in my last post Mom and I drove to Carmel for an overnight trip.  We spent a quick minute in Monterrey  but the rest of the time was in Carmel or Big Sur.  

Even the drive up was gorgeous.  I love California.  It's the best.
The view from our hotel.
There are so many cute cafes and places to eat all around.  There are also a variety of art and clothing stores.  Even a Coach outlet store!  I got my first nice pair of sunglasses there while we were walking around.  I wish I would have taken more pictures of the town and streets - they're lovely, tree-lined streets with a very laid back California feel.
Cute dog cupcakes - another sign of the pet friendliness of this community.
I'm obsessed with this golf ball cupcake.  It's a white chocolate golf ball mold with green coconut shavings.  
Sparkly, pretty cupcakes.
Sweet food with a sweet view.  We had funcoming up with play on words while we here.  Two examples - I had a caramel apple in Carmel.  And I see a sea lion and I'm no lyin'.  
Front row parking at the beach.  This never happens so it deserved its own picture.  We drove here just before sunset to walk along the shore and enjoy the views.
We enjoyed walking along the beach and watching the surfers enjoy the last moments of sunlight. 

Carmel is such a dog friendly place and people had the cutest, most well-behaved animals with them everywhere they went.  Often the dogs were in pairs of two.  If one is good, two is better!

While we were sitting on the sand and enjoying the sunset we had two random dogs run up and sit with us.  They were so cute and friendly. Of course they choose to sit with the person (me) who is allergic to them. 
Me with my new brown hair.  It took some getting used to.    

We not only enjoyed watching the sun set behind the ocean, but the colors of the sky were equally as beautiful.  My camera wasn't able to catch the rainbow of blues/magentas and periwinkle colors that blended across the sky, but it was absolutely amazing.  This earth is amazing and full of so much natural beauty.

As I mentioned, Carmel is super pet friendly and you'll find little dog bowls full of water for pets by many of the shop entrances.  I love that they do that.
I love how chill this town is - 11ish to 5ish.  That's the life.
Light up jelly fish decorations??
We went to dinner at a place called Little Napolia.  
The best part were these bruschetta appetizers - heavenly.  I could have just had these for dinner and been perfectly happy.

Mom's Italian flag themed cannelloni was cute - I need to do that one day when I make pasta.

While the main courses were decent, they weren't anything exceptional.  And we had the weirdest waitress who was subtly condescending.  But the decorations in the place were super cute

Carmel is such a quaint, relaxed, adorable town.  I really wouldn't mind living here one day.  Not to mention, the people are super nice and the weather is out-of-this-world amazing.  Plus you're close to both the ocean and forests - best of both worlds!  I see no down-side to living here besides perhaps the cost.

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