Waimea Bay

We stopped briefly at Waimea Bay one afternoon since it's a major Oahu attraction.  I think it's an ideal place to come to because it's in a good location, there is a long sandy beach to relax on, grassy area for picnics, bathrooms and the jumping rock and toilet bowl to keep you entertained.  No jumping off the famous rock for us this trip, although I do remember doing it on my last visit here and being totally terrified, yet loving it.  I heard the rock is covered up partially in the winter, but am not sure if that's true or not.

There were the most random things hanging from a tree near the beach.
On a different day we were driving along the North Shore trying to make it to Sunset Beach, for well, sunset.  When we realized we wouldn't make it in time we stopped at Waimea Bay instead.  Brace yourself for lots of sunset photos.  I narrowed them down as much as could, but just couldn't part with cutting out any more.  

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