Waikiki and International Market

I loved walking around Waikiki.  It felt so clean and upscale.  There are lots of nice stores for shopping, beautiful hotels, restaurants and the ocean all right there in one place.  It had a Southern California vibe and I liked it a lot.

The Westin is a gorgeous hotel, as you can see below.  We hung out by their pool one night and enjoyed the ocean view.  I liked being able to look up from my chair and see lots of stars sprinkled in the sky between the palm fronds.  
For dinner one night we went to the International Market.  It's a cute, touristy place.  They have lots of little vendors and an assortment of Asian food places to eat.  They even had a hula dancer perform.  It was a nice place to go, but not somewhere I need to go back to.
I ordered chicken katsu with curry.  It was good.
Hula dancing.

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