Turtle Beach

While driving around we stopped at Turtle Beach/Laniakea Beach (not the famous Turtle Bay Resort) to see some sea turtles.

You park on the side of the road and run across when there's a break in cars to get down to the beach.
Even if there are no turtles out, the beach itself is beautiful.

There are lots of surfers to watch as well.

 You're probably thinking okay, those pictures are fine, but where are the turtles?  Well, here they are.  Actually, there's just this one little guy out on the sand - his friends were all out playing in the water without him. 
There is a little roped off area for them to lay undisturbed with a volunteer around keeping an eye on things and answering questions.  I'm glad we stopped by when at least one was out on the beach.
   Hey guys, what's up. 
  The turtles out in the water were so cute swimming around.  I wish I could have pet them!

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