The Mountain

While in Bakersfield Stephanie, Grandpa, Dad and I went up to "The Mountain" and spent an afternoon at Dad's property.  We ate hot dogs and a delicious pumpkin pie that Paula had sent up and then went for a walk around the perimeter of the property.  

I love the drive up along Highway 58 because there are so many pretty, green fields.

All of us together (thanks to the self-timer on my camera).

It was a wee bit cold as you can tell from looking at Steph.  Once we got down into the lower areas though it was much warmer without the wind factor. 
Dad and Grandpa talking about the area - both know it well after years of coming up into these mountains.
A hole most likely created by Indians using grinding stones
Empty riverbed.
Steph and I together.  The only time you will ever see me sporting anything affiliated with the U of U!
Pretty moss growing on a tree.  We saw a place on the tree where a branch had broken off and Grandpa looked around the base of the tree, shuffling through various leaves and other branches and somehow found the missing branch!  He held it up to and it was a perfect match.  Grandpa has a sixth sense when it comes to nature.

Always nice to go up for a visit!

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