North Shore

Visiting the North Shore is a must for any visit to Oahu.  It's a quick drive, with a pretty view and it feels less touristy up there.  There are fewer hotels, less tourists (at least it feels that way, even though it's probably about the same), lots of beaches and good food.  There is more to the North Shore than what I have listed here, but it's a start.

We stopped at a fruit stand on the way and I was in heaven. There was an endless amount of vibrant, delicious fruit!  The mango and the papaya were divine.  What's funny though is that we later found out from our friend that mango isn't currently in season in Hawaii, so he doesn't know where they got it from.  Maybe the fruit stand people bought it at Costco, who knows haha.  All I know is that everything I had tasted fresh and delicious!

On our way we stopped at Dole.Stopped at Dole Plantation just for the Dole Whip since there are very few places you can find it.  It was good but by this point I was really sugared out.  At 5 bucks it wasn't worth it for me.  I'd rather get more shaved ice and just get Dole Whip next time I'm at Disneyland.

Getting shaved ice at Matsumoto's is a MUST!  I had forgotten just how good it was.  It exceeds all expectations.  The flavoring didn't taste fake and syrupy and the ice cream in the bottom was the perfect addition.

We went multiple times, of course.  Sometimes twice in one day.

We a massive Monsanto demonstration while driving along the North Shore.  There were so, so many people.  It was pretty entertaining - one person's sign said, "I'm so angry I made this sign." hahaha.  Another was wearing a gas mask.
Due to the overwhelming popularity of shrimp trucks we of course stopped to get some shrimp for lunch one day.  Giovanni's is one of the most famous, so we went there and it was good, but not worth the hype to me.  I only need it once in my life.  There was lots and lots of butter and garlic, which sounds amazing, but it was too much and overpowered the shrimp.  I signed the truck though and am glad I tried it.

Although we felt no need to go back for more Giovanni's, we did want to try coconut shrimp from a different vendor.  We went to a place owned by a guy named Zane and got to know his mother who worked there.  She was incredibly nice and had this old Hollywood beauty to her.  She told us how they moved here 30 years ago and they started their own fruit business.  She said Hawaii is a great place to start your own business, you just have to find your niche.  She said how her son's shrimp truck is doing well and that yelp reviews make a big difference.  She also said her son just broke up with his gf and was needed a nice girl.  A  typical Mom comment to make haha. 

Haley's so patriotic. 
They have adopted feral cats and these two are bffs, as you can tell.

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