Last of Oahu

This last post is a modge-podge of pictures and things I wanted to post but didn't fit into any of the other posts.

Here I am standing by the famous Duke statue! It's a typical, touristy picture, but everyone's gotta have one.
Mika and her baby.  Both of them are so cute.
We stopped briefly at the Pali lookout.  It was beautiful, but would have been even prettier if the sun had been out.  Also, it was crazzzzy windy up there.

We drove by Chinaman's Hat which was nice to see I guess.  I've heard you can swim out to it which would be cool

  With the help of ample sun and hydrogen peroxide my hair lightened a good amount this trip which I was happy about.
 Hawaii has a lot of Japanese influences, probably due to the high volume of Japanese visitors.  Haley said they sell these crust-less sandwiches all over in Japan.  My kind of people! 
One of our bus tickets. I'm so proud of us for working the public transportation.We saw a kid on one of our bus rides with an iphone case made out of an altoid can.  So awesome.  

However, we did rent a car for part of the trip and Haley found that Enterprise Rental Car on the outskirts of Waikiki had the best deals in our area.  It was totally worth it to get the rental because it gives you access to places the bus can't take you and you come and go as you please.  We really enjoyed driving along thenorth shore and stopping at beaches whenever we felt like it.  Another fun benefit of driving yourself around is that you get to listen to local Hawaiin radio stations.  However, I swear that they played the same 5 songs on repeat the entire week.  Especially the Bruno Mars locked out of heaven song. It was like they just couldn't get enough of it.

In all our driving and multiple trips from Waikiki to North Short and windward side we only used half a tank of gas. Not too shabby!  I do suggest bringing a car charger for your phone because at one point both our phones died and we had to navigate without the benefit of a map.  Another great tip, thanks to Haley is to bring trashbags with you in the car to layout over the seats of the car, under our towels so we don't soak them.  It helps preserve the seats and makes for a far more comfortable journey when you don't have damp seats.

Apparently road rules are different in Hawaii...
I loved the varied landscape.  The misty, green mountains were so beautiful.
The weather this time of year was great.  I was never hot or cold and it wasn't humid.  We were afraid of rain, as it had been raining a bit the week before we got there, but luckily it was nice weather for almost our entire stay.  I would suggest bringing a light cardigan for the evening though since it does cool down a bit.
These pictures were taken as we were driving East.

This was taken on our drive to the North Shore.
This was taken on a road up by the North Shore.
Whoever this family is, you're awesome. Not only were they building their house, but also a cool tree house too!
The sun is so sneaky in Hawaii.  Being from California I've spent more than your average amount of time in the sun, so normally I can tell when I'm getting burned, but not this time.  I didn't burn badly, but much more so than I had expected.  Speaking of California, as I was sitting by the ocean by myself, reading a magazine outside of our hotel at sunset a man commented on how tan I was.  As we were talking I mentioned that I was from California and he said, "Oh that makes sense why you're so tan."  Part of me wanted to say, ummm well, actually I'm tan because I'm on vacation in Hawaii, where I've spent an entire week in the sun, but sure, we can just pretend I'm perma-tan from being from California. 
This sign of a missing girl was posted and it made us so sad.  How terrible for her and her family.
One last beach picture!  And one last beach suggestion....they sell straw mats super cheap at all the ABC stores and I would really suggest buying one.  If you lay that down under your beach towel it gives you a flatter surface to lay on and helps to keep some of the sand off.

Our flights out ended up being canceled last minute due to weather back east which meant we got to stay an extra day.  Woohoo!!  However, it also meant a lot of time on the phone with airline representatives.  The wait was forever, but luckily after I got my issue resolved I was able to hand the phone to Haley and they were able to help her as well without having to call in separably.  I always thought the customer service people had all the best info, but I've learned that it's really best if you do your own research and find the flight you would like and then tell them about it.  Sometimes you can see things they can't (which is weird), but I've learned this again and again when I have to reschedule.  Always come prepared with a plan and then see if they can offer anything better.  Also, don't be afraid to have a take-charge attitude. 
After our lovely extra day, Haley's friend Amy picked us up and drove us to the airport on our way home which was so kind of her. 
This was on the bathroom doors at the airport in Hawaii haha.  Love the shirt.
We had an easy 10 hour flight back. I  brought food and snacks to eat (chocolate covered macadamia nuts and my goat cheese hahaha) but never got to them because I slept the entire way.  It was so sad to land back in DC and to see snow on the ground.  Take me back to Hawaii!

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