After we left Kailua we drove just a few minutes down the road to Lanikai and parked on a side street in a neighborhood situated next to the beach.  Lanikai is absolutely beautiful.  It's much less windy and has warmer water compared to Kailua.  And the water....such clear, pristine water.  Truly, one of my new favorite beaches ever.  Haley had really talked this beach up and I can see why now.  I'm so glad she knew about it and had us come here because I loved it.  In fact, it was such a good beach we made the drive back here a second time during our trip.

What's amazing is that there were so few people at the beach.  I would have thought such a beautiful beach would be filled with people, and maybe it is during other times of the year, but it was just about empty while we were there.  Between the soft, nearly white sand, aqua blue water, plenty of space and palm trees we felt that it was pretty perfect.  


We were told by a Hawaiian that this part of the island is where a lot of the "honkies" live.  Lots of older, white, retired people.
Being at a place like this just makes my heart happy.  
   We loved that it was grown men building sand castles, not little kids haha.

You can easily see how the water changes color when the sun comes out behind the clouds.  
  Proof of me there.
Panoramic shot.
I wrote this note in my phone while I was laying on the beach, "I know so many people (especially corporate Americans enslaved to their job) who would  love more than anything to be here right now.  As I write this the sun is warming my back and my damp hydrogen peroxide coated hair is gently blowing in the breeze.  All I hear are waves and birds, not even human chatter.  For whatever miraculous reason the waves crash far away so it's only gentle, shallow water here.  I've just been reading magazines, thinking and just enjoying the beautiful scenery."

Haley and I at the beach enjoying every minute!

Chilling with all my beach essentials.
Artsy shoe shot.  Really though, these salt water sandals are the BEST water-proof travel shoes.  I have taken them with me to Europe, Hawaii, the Bahamas etc. and they always look shiny and new, no matter what you put them through.  They're perfectly water-proof and comfortable.
Evidence of a well enjoyed beach day!  
I highly recommend visiting Lanikai.  It is the prettiest beach on Oahu, in my opinion.

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