Hostel and Hale Koa

In trying to keep this trip as inexpensive as possible we stayed in a hostel for our first few nights in Hawaii.  I had to talk Haley into a bit, but she agreed and I think we were both happy with how things worked out overall.  I've stayed in countless hostels internationally, but this was my first hostel experience in the US.  I have never before considered staying in a hostel in the US because for some reason it seems so much sketchier here than abroad, but it was similar to all of the other hostels I've stayed at and worked out very well for us.
Our hostel, The Waikiki Backpacker's Hostel, was just a 3 minute walk to the beach in Waikiki, which was a huge perk.  For $29 a night each we stayed in a room with 3 bunk beds, a bathroom, fridge and microwave.
Haley made a makeshift closet with her bed.
For me, the first night is always the hardest in a hostel because you have to mentally get used to sharing your space with strangers, but after that it's easy to adjust and smooth sailing for the most part.  We met some nice people in our hostel and felt safe leaving our things there.  I do suggest though bringing locks to lock up your belongings and keeping things in a locker if possible.

We spent our last two night at the Hale Koa which is a military hotel.  You can only stay there if you have the proper military connections and luckily, since Haley works for the DOD she was able to get us reservations.  It's actually very affordable and we would have stayed there longer if there had been more nights available, but because we planned this so last minute there weren't very many openings.  It's a very large, nice resort that felt lavish compared to our humble hostel stay. What made it even better is that we got a free room upgrade from their employee of the year.  No wonder she received that title.  It was so very  nice to spread out and have good water pressure as well as some privacy and a nice bed.  We were still right on the beach and could walk just about anywhere we wanted to go in Waikiki.

I love a room with a view.

  The grounds were so pretty.

If you are able to stay at the Hale Koa, stay here!  If you're on a budget and 

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