Hawaii Round 4 - Oahu

Haley and I both love Hawaii and when we found an amazing deal on flights from NYC to Hawaii (under $400 rountrip) in February we jumped on it and went for a week to Oahu.  We booked our tickets about ten days before we left - nothing like spur of the moment traveling!  We had a wonderful time.  Haley is a Hawaii expert and was able to plan and navigate a majority of the trip which was awesome.  Another huge bonus was that despite being a typically expensive, not to mention distant destination, I only spent $1,000 total on the trip (including airfare, hotel, food etc).  Win-win!

The most challenging part of the trip was just getting to New York, honestly.  Our flight left super early in the morning so we left the evening before from DC on bus to give ourselves plenty of time to get to the airport which we ended up needing.  It was a long, uncomfortable 4.5 hour bus ride up.  Once in New York we had to walk to Penn Station with all our luggage and then found our way to the platform we needed at the subway.  But of course that line was closed at that moment so we went up to a different platform and found an alternate route that took us 1.5 hours from Penn Station to JFK - I don't even know how it took that long, but it did.  We finally made it to JFK two hours after arriving in NYC and with 4 more hours to kill, but with nowhere to go since our terminal was closed, so we chilled at the only open terminal and read magazines from 2 am to 4 am, until our terminal opened up.  Then we relocated once more and found a place to charge our phones and sleep until we had to board.  We eventually made it on our 6 hour flight to San Fran.  After a 2 hour layover we completed the last leg of the journey flew 5 hours to Hawaii.  Everything worked out just fine, but when you're tired, it's really late at night and you're carrying all your luggage every inconvenience seems multiplied by ten.  Plus, it's amazing how uncomfortable sitting can become after prolonged periods of time.  Thank goodness for sleeping pills.


Once in Hawaii we took a regular city bus for just $2.50 (we are all about saving money and the bus system here is actually really good) to our hostel near Waikiki.  Yes, we stayed in a hostel, I'll write more about this later.  On our way we met the nicest PhD student and talked to him for some time.  Once we got to Waikiki we saw a really gorgeous sunset which confirmed why we put ourselves through such a long day of travel to get here.  We grabbed dinner at a hamburger place called Teddy's and maybe we were just really hungry (which I was), but it tasted amazing.  Very fresh and had a great bun.  With ABC stores located about every 5 feet from each other you're never far away from Hawaiin travel essentials, so we grabbed a few things for the night and settled into our hostel.  It was a pretty decent hostel with a sink and fridge in the room.  We met a really nice German girl named Britta and a very cute American guy named Eric.  Hostels seem to attract really chill people.  Sometimes I just want my own space, but for the money saved it's worth it.

We covered quite a bit of ground in our week here.  Here's a map for reference.

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