Hawaii Food

I always try to eat favorite local foods when I travel and this trip was no different.  Here are a few of the foods we enjoyed.

We heard great things about Leonard's Bakery so we went to try it out for ourselves.  It's received lots of press over the years, which is usually a good sign.
They are famous for their malasadas which I'd never had before so of course we ordered some.  This is a malasada puff.  I liked it, but these really doughy, deep fried foods don't sit very well in my stomach so I wouldn't go out of my way to get one again..  
When we were on the Windward side of the island we hit up Island Snow for our snowcone fix.  It was good, but had tons of syrup and almost tasted more like a slushy to me.  It was very sweet, but overall pretty good.  This is a place the Obamas go to regularly when they visit and so Island Snow has lots of pictures posted of them around the wall.  I don't agree with Obama on a lot of things, but at least we both appreciate a good snow cone.

While on the Windward side we decided to get some poke (pronounced po-kay) at Whole Foods.  It was my first time trying it and I really liked it!  From what I understand it's raw fish sliced into cubes and marinated in different sauces.  I can't believe I've never tried it before.  A random lady there told us that Food Land has the best, but Whole Foods is second best.  I got the smoked ahi or something and after sampling multiple ones I think it was the best.  It's definitely worth trying!  We went to Food Land later and had some of their poke too, which was great, but I think Whole Foods was my favorite.  Who knew the best poke would be sold at these random grocery stores.

While we were there we also tried Aloe Vera juice.  Haley said it's a big thing in Japan.  It was good, but I wouldn't get it again.

Liliha Bakery is another bakery we heard good things about and stopped by to try out.  They are known for their coco puffs, which ironically I didn't care for.  They were cute cream puffs, but very rich and nothing extra special in my opinion.  The other pastry I ordered looked like a cinnamon roll or danish, but was actually just a pastry with cold butter smeared on top and white sugar sprinkled over it - ewww.  I don't think I'll be back to order any pastries, but their diner did look pretty good.  They had some really delicious-looking breakfast plates they were serving, so it might be worth it to try that.  PS. They're closed on Monday.

We ate a bowling alley which sounds strange, but they're known for their good food.  And it was surprisingly good.  I tried loco moco.  It tasted like meat loaf to me and I didn't care of it at all.  It's basically a piece of meat with gravy over rice with a fried egg on top.  But nevertheless, I'm glad I tried a new, local dish.

Haley's and Mika's kalbi and tasty chicken was freaking good.  I would definitely order that next time.

A unique looking shaved ice we tried.  Decent, but I'd rather have Matsumoto's.  

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