Haunama Bay

We went to Haunama Bay on our first full day in Oahu.  I didn't remember much about it from my first time here almost ten years before so I was excited to go back and experience it again.  From our hostel in Waikiki it took about an hour to get to the bay by bus, mostly because there were so many people getting on and off.  It was worth it for the cheap bus fare ($2.50, must have exact change) and because it drops you off right next to it.  With the convenience of Googlemaps on your phone, using the buses is pretty fail proof since it tells you when and where to go.
A panorama view from above.
A few selfies to show I was here.  I am obviously still very sleep-deprived from the previous day's travels.
Such a pretty bay!

Haley and I excited to be here!

The water was much colder than I expected when I first got in, but after a few moments it became bearable.
I bought a LifeProof case for my iPhone so I could take it underwater with me on this trip.  While it was expensive ($100), I think it was totally worth it.  I loved being able to take endless amounts of pictures and videos underwater. I'm so glad I bought it and have used it multiple times since.
For the most part the coral is totally colorless, but there are some really pretty fish.  National Geographic ruined my underwater expectations for life by showing me so many vibrant underwater scenes growing up in their magazines.  Real life never seems to measure up to what they have captured, but nonetheless, it's still beautiful.
One bit of advice I have before going snorkeling is to check the tides.  We didn't even think of this and happened to go during low-tide.  While not totally terrible, it does make it difficult to swim over the coral without getting all scraped up by it.  It would have been nice to have more water above the coral to make it easier to swim around.   You can of course avoid the coral completely, but then you also avoid the fish completely as well since they all hang out by the coral.  

You rent all the snorkel gear you need right there by the water if you don't have your own.

We we were obsessed with this little rainbow fish and followed him everywhere!  He was so pretty.

We had so much fun searching for the fish and then following them around.

This view of the water from underneath reminds me a little of a liquid mercury. 
Gorgeous water!

I loved Haunama Bay.  It's super touristy, but for good reason - it's a great place to come snorkeling and just enjoy a piece of Hawaii.

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