One of the things Stephanie wanted to do while she was home in Bakersfield was go to Disneyland, so of course we went!  Disneyland really is amazing.  There is so much energy and happiness there.  We went a few days before New Years Eve and it was totally packed.  By mid-morning it had met capacity and people had to go to California Adventure instead for the day since there was no room for them here.  We found this out because we ran into some people from Bakersfield in line for Pirates and they said they couldn't get into the park until 5 in the evening.  Luckily we got there early enough that we could get in - supposedly capacity is around 75,000.  Lines were pretty long, but we still were able to fit in a ton of rides. We timed them pretty well and got a lot in first thing in the morning.  Favorites were: Indiana Jones, Pirates of the Caribbean (twice), Haunted Mansion, Big Thunder, and Matterhorn.  Some of the more random ones were the Tiki room, Snow White and the train ride to see the small dinosaur exhibit.

Styling hair - one of the many forms of in-line entertainment.  One of my favorite games used to be when someone would pick a category and everyone had to go around a say a different item in that category until you couldn't think of anything else - then you were out.  For example flavors of soda or cartoons etc.
Love the details everywhere at Disneyland.  In our of my classes at school we learned that they focus on making it an experience that appeals to all senses - sights, sounds, smells etc.

Christmas-time is a great time of year to come and see the decorations.  Just beware of crowds!  For dinner we had the corn chowder near New Orleans Square and it was really delicious, just fyi.
Gorgeous Castle lit up at night!!

Our day ended with fireworks to boot. 

It was a wonderful, wonderful day.  Disneyland really is magical.  Big thank you to Mom for taking us down there!  I felt like a little kid on the drive back - totally sound asleep with S and G in the back while Mom happily drove us all the way home.

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