Most people hope to have their Christmas decorations down by February at the latest, while I try to at least finish posting about Christmas by February...looks like this year I'm pushing into March.

Steph, Grayson and I assembled a gingerbread house together one night with some finishing touches added by Mom.

We had the assistance of a Christmas kitty...

While watching classic Christmas movies...

And drinking hot chocolate.
The finished product:

I did that little smirking snowman on the side with the scarf, Steph did the tree, G the gingerbread man, me the wreath, G the roof, Steph the windows and Mom did the stained glass window above the door!

Here's a little idea of how beautiful Grandma's house looks all decorated for Christmas...

And here is Dad and Paula's on Christmas day.  They're still moving into their new place but it already looks so good!
If you don't have a real fireplace, you just pretend there's one in the TV!  It really was amazing how just looking at it and listening to it instantly made you feel warmer.
Another Christmas kitty!  This is Jade.  The friendliest, chattiest, most playful cat there ever was.
View of the golf course Christmas morning from their yard.
There are always the most fascinating employees working at the mall in Bakersfield around Christmas.  This time we spotted a girl in Sephora with cheetah hair - look closely. 
More Christmas movie scenes and Christmas treats!!


A few of my favorite ornaments

 And some other decorations from a Christmas scene on top of the piano.

A few glimpses of our home all decorated!

 The "Christmas Tree Forest" in the entryway.
  Christmas Day - everyone together opening up gifts!

Christmas really is the most wonderful time of the year.  I'm so grateful for the opportunity we have to celebrate and remember the Savior with our families and those we love.

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