Boots & Kimos and Kailua

Haley highly recommended we stop at Boots and Kimos for breakfast one day and I'm glad we did.  We eat their mac nut pancakes and they were delicious.   The mac nut cream is crazy good.  At first I thought, "Hmm this is different" but by the end I was ready to lick my plate clean.  I believe that Haley ordered banana pancakes and I had blueberry - both were great.  They used fresh blueberries which was nice.  Just be prepared for a long wait - it's a very popular place.

It had been cloudy in morning which was disappointing, but the sun came out around noon, which worked out great since we spent so much of the morning at breakfast.  The rest of the day we had off and on sun, but luckily more on than off.  Since we were in the area we drove to Kailua, a beach Haley insisted we go to (for good reason).  It's an absolutely lovely beach with white sand and bright blue water.  However, since it's on the windward side of the island it was incredibly windy.  Great if you're a windsurfer (which there were lots of them there), but a bit hard if you're just trying to relax.  We stayed for a while, but the sand kept blowing on our faces and up our noses when we laid down so we moved on after a little while.  From what I understand it was an exceptionally windy day, so I would still recommend checking it out.

It's gorgeous as you can tell.

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